Complaint Form


This form should only be used to describe violations of the Arabian Acres Property Owners Association (AAPOA) Covenants, which are available here.

BEFORE you submit this complaint form, please submit any appropriate Teller County complaint forms. For example, for complaints about junk cars, trash, or garbage, see the Teller County Trash Ordinance, No. 11, available at the Teller County website. Complaints relating to occupation of sheds, tents, or trailers are covered by Teller County Ordinance 20, also available at the County website. Complaints about either County ordinance should be directed to the County Code Enforcement Officer (Sheriff’s Department) and/or to the County Planning Dept.

AFTER you have filed your concerns with Teller county, please use this form to submit your concerns to the AAPOA.

If you would like a response, please leave your contact information. Thank you.