Feeding Wildlife is for the Birds!

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) says feeding wildlife does more harm than good.  “We know people mean well when they give tidbits to wildlife. What many don’t realize is that feeding big game is bad for the animals and dangerous for people. It’s also against the law. There are lots of good reasons why.”  Some of these reasons include attracting unwanted guests, disrupting natural behaviors, spreading disease, and other health issues.  For more information from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, click here.

Please be a responsible neighbor and do not feed the wildlife in Arabian Acres.  

The good news?  You CAN feed the birds!  Here is what CPW has to say about feeding wild birds:

Colorado Parks and Wildlife supports and encourages using backyard bird feeders to supplement natural food for song birds. Be sure that the food you provide song birds is fresh and clean, and clean the feeder periodically. Common bird foods include sunflower seed and millet; some birds also are attracted by fresh fruit. In addition to your feeder, be sure to offer a source of water for your backyard birds, year-round if possible. Remember, if you start a bird feeding program, some bird experts suggest you continue all winter and through spring. That way, the birds that become dependent on the feeder will still have a source of food.

A word of caution, however: If you live in bear country, be aware that certain bird foods, particularly hummingbird nectar, are very attractive to bruins. Put your bird foods and hummingbird feeders away if you don’t want to inadvertently create potentially dangerous conflicts with our state’s largest predator close to your home. For more information, contact your nearest Colorado Parks and Wildlife office.


Photo Credit:  David K. Johson